As many reminders as you need


  • Over 300 pre-built lists
  • Add your own lists and columns


  • Danger of inputting too much data!


There are plenty of list managers around so, to be good, new software packages need to offer either something very different or lots and lots of options. ListPro has always offered both of these things but now it has some great additions. Firstly the new formatting options make it easy to arrange all your plans exactly as you want including with bullet points and numbers. You can also now quickly access websites if you need to get some more information.

One of the best features is the 25 new templates that are provided to get things done extra quickly so you don't have to start from scratch the whole time. This can prove a bit disappointing as they are not always exactly how you want them, but in terms of getting lists finished quickly they are a great addition. Also you can now share your lists with other users which is a great idea in theory and especially helpful for 'favourites' lists with subjects like music etc.

The top list and information manager for Pocket PCs, Palms, Smartphones, and Windows desktop or notebook PCs.

Create shopping lists, to do lists, and checklists, and organize and use your information however you want to. ListPro makes it easy and convenient. Synchronize your lists between your Pocket PC or Palm OS handheld and Windows PC, and use them on both. Complete file compatibility makes ListPro the ideal information tool for your PDA.

ListPro features:

  • alarms
  • indenting and outlining
  • item highlighting
  • any-size notes for each item
  • any columns you want
  • shopping list functions
  • templates
  • over 300 free, pre-built lists

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